Google Sheets Template: Bulk generate query list with RegEx for Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to apply advanced regex filters in many ways. One type of Regular Expression that I return to regularly is bulk matching queries with a list of keywords.

In GSC, for example, if I wanted to search for queries with commercial intent, I would run a RegEx filter as follows:


Using this RegEx filter, I can find any query containing the words best, top, vs, or review.

You can use this type of filter to find informational, navigational, commercial, or transactional queries. Furthermore, you can even compare two product categories or see branded vs non-branded keywords.

However, I often find that it requires some work to put together a long list of keywords in the correct RegEx format. I’ve, therefore, created a Google Sheet that does the heavy lifting for you.

How to use the Google Sheet

Add or paste your keywords in the ‘Keywords’ section on column A.

Click on cell C4 and change the cell range (A4:A13) in the formula bar to match the number of keywords in your list.

Now you can copy/paste (CTR / CMD + C) to use it in Google Search Console