JavaScript snippet to analyse XML sitemap

JavaScript snippet to analyze XML sitemap

Trying to make sense of large XML sitemaps isn’t easy. Thankfully, I’ve got your back with the power of JavaScript.

You can use the snippet below to instantly generate a pivot table showing a breakdown of a website’s path segments based on the URLs found in the XML sitemap.…

Hreflang Detector Blog Hero Image

Hreflang Detector – the international SEO bookmarklet

SEO crawlers (and Ibuprofen) are extremely useful in helping you fix hreflang and other internationalization issues at scale. But sometimes, it’s practical to delve deep into the complexities of hreflang by manually pulling up a page in your browser and inspecting the code with your own eyes.…

Robots txt cheat sheet featured image

Robots.txt cheat sheet

I’ve recently created my very own robots.txt cheat sheet. Because who doesn’t need one in their SEO toolbox, right? After all, I like to be prepared.…